Sunday, December 20, 2015

How to Protect Human Hair

In order to suggest on how to Protect human hair, we should at least know; what is human hair, what is it composed of and what should hair be protected from.Human hair is a simple thing comprising of keratin and dead skin cells. Its function is to prevent heat loss from a person's head when its cold. It also protects us from direct solar radiation emanating from the sun. Hair also serves the aesthetic function of adding beauty to the human body. From that simple definition, we know have a little knowledge on what hair is composed of and its importance to us. The following are practices that can be done to achieve healthy protected hair.

Washing and Conditioning

It is of essence to wash and condition your Human Hair regularly . You do need to wash them everyday, and also when they start to look dull and dirty. During the washing process ensure to use a good quality shampoo and conditioner and wash and condition the hair from top to bottom. Steer clear from scrunching your human hair to the top of your head after the washing process because it will tangle the hair. Use a good leave in conditioner that will make your hair easier to manage between wash days and avoid products that contain alcohol to ensure that your hair stay beautiful month after month without drying out.

Detangling your hair is an essential step in the hair care process. It important to detangle your hair once a day to prevent your hair from tangling and frizzing up. Use a wig brush or wide tooth comb, and make sure you are brushing your human hair the correct manner _ Start detangling your hair at the bottom, and work your way up. Be gentle during the detangling process so that you don't loosen any threading or cause breakage in your hair. When you comb from the bottom up, not only are you detangling your hair in the best way possible, you are also preventing it from shedding and ripping hair from the weft.

It is important that you use heat in moderation, during hair drying. Granted you should be able to curl and blow dry your hair everyday if you wanted to, but understand that the hair may not last as long as it would if you let the hair air dry and flat ironed it thrice in a fortnight. when you are focused on blow drying your hair then you should put it on the lowest heat possible to reduce the possibility of shedding and breakage. Remember to use heat in moderation because you don't want your human hair to dry out.

While you are washing, conditioning, blow drying, and curling human brazilian hair, ensure that you protect your hair as well. ensure that you keep your hair moisturized with alcohol free products and if you do decide to use heat on it daily, use a heat protect serum that will protect the hair from drying out. Using natural oils such as coconut oil and virgin olive oil will preserve the hair and keep it moisturized and soft simultaneously. This protect your hair from becoming brittle resulting to breakage.

while sleeping, we tend to press hard on the hair hence resulting into tangles. keep your hair folded in upright manner at night. Plait or pin curl your hair before going to sleep. This is important in preventing tangles. Never sleep with loose wet hair, for it may tangle while you sleep.

Eat healthily
To ensure healthy hair, ensure to supply it with the necessary vitamins. Human hair is composed of proteins, ingesting a balance diet rich in protein, grains, fruits and a lot of vegetables. A healthy eating habit guarantees hair that feels great and nice to look at. Getting plenty of vitamin C results to strong healthy hair. AlSO, iron assist in conveying oxygen in blood which helps in supply of important elements to hair, zinc minerals facilitate growth and repairs of tissue, while omega-3 fatty acids facilitate entirely in growth of a healthy hair.

I believe that if you keenly follow the above outline, you will be able to Protect your hair. Be patient and allow your human hair some days to give positive result. Well maintained hair looks beautiful, fresh and attractive and thus makes one feel acceptable. It also boost on esteem and confidence build up.